Deed & Note Traders is Tucson´s premier ONE-STOP for finding YOUR new home.  Whether you’re renting or buying – come see why Thousands of other families have purchased or rented their home from Deed & Note Traders since 1993!

About David Kinas, Deed & Note’s founder and owner, grew up in a long line of entrepreneurs who built farming equipment along with mining and road construction. David graduated with honors from the nationally acclaimed University of Arizona in 1985.

Prior to forming his first investment firm, David worked in commercial mortgages, apartment management, as well as remodeling single family homes. Starting in 1993, Kinas formed various companies which included the re-development of apartment complexes, and a 60-space R.V. and mobile home park, office buildings and newly-built houses.

In 1998, House Buyers of Tucson was formed to offer fast, responsive cash and terms offers to homeowners. Presently Deed & Note Traders is advocating more affordable housing units to Southern Arizona.  During the past 5 years, David has built numerous solar projects “go green” evolved, already being built.

David provides opportunities for residents to work together to improve their community as a whole.  The business hires locally and is a proud supporter of many other locally owned and operated businesses, including charities and sponsors many local causes. Kinas enjoy hands-on work within the OFFICE and FIELD TEAM. The staff members are recognized as some of Tucson´s most experienced in real estate which includes:  real estate investments and re-development, brokerage, and many related specialties.